The Cottage Vacation

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Cottage Rental Agencies

Lakeside cottages are perfect for summer family vacations, weekend getaways during the spring or fall, and many provide cottage rentals and fun during the winter months. Find your next vacation.

All-Season Cottage Rentals

Browse through our catalogue of over 120 Ontario cottage rentals. Each vacation home has its own detailed profile and virtual photo tour…

Phone: 705.754.1506

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Redstone Rentals

The up-scale vacation homes and cottages for rent offer everything your family could ask for for an ideal winter or summer vacation getaway…

Phone: 705.754.1511

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Cottage Care Rentals

Ontario’s Cottage Country provides an ideal location for a family vacation with its beautiful scenery and central location…

Phone: 705.457.3306

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Kennisis Cottage Rentals

Kennisis Cottage Rentals handles a select number of cottages each year, thus ensuring exceptional service to both owner and vacationer…

Phone 705.754.4678

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WRD Cottage Rental Agency

We take the worries and hassle out of cottage rental and in turn make the cottage rental process a happy, simple and uncomplicated process…

Phone: 705.457.9434

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Haliburton Cottage Rentals

From lakefront rentals to forest cabin rentals… your perfect Haliburton vacation awaits!

Phone: 705.457.9997

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H2H Cottage Co.

Rustic and Luxurious Haliburton Cottage Rentals perfect for Romantic Getaways & Family Vacations…

Phone: 519.670.2201

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