In the early settlement days of this area, doctors were few and far between. Pioneers had to rely on their own knowledge of herbs and plants for homemade medicine. These are just some of the plants found in a pioneer garden at Stanhope Heritage Museum, and what they were used for.

Basil – To calm the stomach

Borage – A tincture from the roots was used for menstrual disorders

Chives – Antibacterial oil can be made from the stems

Echinacea – An immune system stimulant and anti-oxidant

Foxglove – To alleviate hear pain

Horehound – To soothe coughs

Hyssop – An expectorant

Mullein – Tea made from these leaves was used for coughs, cramps and general pain relief

Oregano – An antispasmodic when taken as tea

Rosemary – A common circulatory stimulant and anti-oxidant

Rue – To alleviate “chest complaints”

Tansy – Tea made from the leaves was though to cure colds, fevers and stomach aches

Yarrow – Crushed leaves were used to staunch bleeding; a tea was used for “lung complaints”

NOTE: This information is for interest and education only and is not meant to be medical advice.

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