Cool Licks

When most people think of Ice Cream in the Haliburton Highlands, they think of Kawartha Dairy.  And why not?  The family-owned dairy company has been dishing up delicious ice cream for decades. Any warm, sunny day will see a huge line-up at their Hwy 35 location, and you can find their hard ice cream being served all over the County. Looking for something a little different? Here are a few other options:


Ice Cream Ahoy

Hop into your boat anywhere on the 5-lake chain of Head, Grass, Soyers, Kashagawigamog, and Canning Lakes and taking a trip to Kate’s Burger Counter for a cone or dish of Kawartha dairy ice cream. Secret tip: Combine the Raspberry and Lime sherbets for a Key Lime Pie.


You might not think of espresso when you are thinking of cool treats, but you should! Affogato is the Italian treat of a scoop of vanilla ice cream smothered in a shot of rich espresso: creamy, rich and oh-so-sophisticated. Castle Antiques uses their own store-roasted espresso beans for their take on this old-world, hot weather treat. Be careful, it is addictive!

Non-dairy; no problem!

Upriver Trading Co in Minden offers a variety of Frozen Yogurt treats, including options for Vegan and Non-dairy treat seekers. Looking for a twist on the typical ice-cream flavours? Try the Green tea with Mochi bits for some exotic refreshment.

Homemade ice cream sandwich

The Cookhouse at Haliburton Forest offers a fresh twist to the classic ice-cream sandwich Take 2 homemade cookies (secret tip: the double-chocolate cookies  have pieces of real chocolate bar crammed into them) and fill with your favourite flavour of Kawartha Dairy ice cream.

Beer floats

The adult option of a true classic. Haliburton Highlands Brewing offers this adult-only version of the soda-shoppe standy. Take a scoop of luscious vanilla ice-cream and smother it with their house-brewed Coffee Porter. Beer! Ice Cream! Two great food groups in one glass.

The Classic Milk Shake

Kawartha Dairy is an iconic stop for all things ice-cream, but the real scene stealer is the old fashioned milk shake. This milk shake does not come out of a machine! Made with real milk and real Kawartha dairy hard ice cream and blended by hand when you order it. Best bet? Our inside source tells us you can’t beat the classic chocolate.