Sometimes it seems we’re surrounded by information on how to be better: eat healthier, be more active, buy local. If you’re like me, you may be inspired by what you’ve heard and read about responsible and healthy food practices, like shopping locally and supporting sustainable agriculture. It’s easy to buy food from nearby responsible places, but what about getting even closer to your food than that? Imagine such a connection to your food that you feel the sponginess of dough in your hands, smell the simplicity of coffee beans roasting, analyze a hop ; doesn’t that sounds like the best way to discover more about what goes on your plate?

My favourite spot for immersing myself in all things related to local agriculture is Abbey Gardens. Unlike other gardens and green spaces, where you can “look, but don’t touch” the various displays, I especially enjoy the fact that you can get up close and personal here, spending a day immersed in the sensory surroundings of ….


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