Guided Ice Fishing at Haliburton Forest

4 - story #3

100 Lakes, 100,000 Acres, 1,000,000 Fish. Haliburton Forest is a hardwater angler’s dream and an adventure enthusiast’s Shangri-la. Brook trout, rainbow trout and the elusive ‘Haliburton Gold’ lake trout are all on the menu when you choose Haliburton Forest as your ice fishing destination.

Local home builder and musician Benton Brown recently paid a visit to Haliburton Forest to put these claims to the test and hopefully ice his first brook trout.

After reviewing the Haliburton Forest Fishing Guide and checking the online trail condition report Benton & his guide decided to travel deep into the forest to the northeast corner, with Duck Lake as their destination.

With a precarious weather forecast held in check by his characteristic optimism Benton arrived at the Forest early in the morning under the cover of darkness to meet his guide and load their gear. A scenic 40-minute snowmobile ride up the North Road brought them to the lakeshore. After a little prospecting and depth-checking the pair had their lines set by sunrise.

5 - story #4-1The fish gods were kind and by mid-morning the bite was on! After a 5-minute tug-of-war a feisty brookie was out of the water and glistening on the snow-covered lake. “Look at the beautiful colours and spot patterns on this fish!” remarked the excited angler. “Where’s the filet knife?” answered his intrepid guide, who quickly set to work building a fire. Thirty minutes later the fish hit the pan and a tasty shore brunch was served up.

Three more trout were caught that afternoon and released to mature.  With smiles on their faces and the content of a successful day on the ice the team7 - story #6 packed up their gear and readied themselves for the ride back to base camp.

A great day was made even better when Benton arrived back to base camp to meet his family who were waiting to hear about his day over dinner at the Haliburton Forest Cookhouse. After filling out a creel survey and making a generous donation to the Haliburton Forest Fishing Society handshakes were exchanged and the family loaded up for their journey home.

“This day was absolutely fantastic!” exclaimed Benton, “I can’t wait to come back to Haliburton Forest to fish again soon.”

Interested in booking your own ice fishing adventure at Haliburton Forest? Call the main office and ask for Jamie to find out more! 1-800-631-21981 - Title picture