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Haliburton Highlands

“… for an authentically Canadian experience come wander a world-class destination like no other​…”

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What do the Haliburton Highlands look like to you?

Jumping off the dock with your kids? A serene hike through the woods? Enjoying local food and drink with your friends?

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Art in Cottage Country

Art in Cottage Country

One of the things that makes the Haliburton Highlands unique is the perfect blend of classic cottage country with an amazing artistic community. This rich artistic community creates a unique collection of arts-based events throughout the year. Where else can you go to...

Cottage Rentals

The Perfect Vacation Image by @herinwanderlandCottage Rental AgenciesLakeside cottages are perfect for summer family vacations, weekend getaways during the spring or fall, and many provide cottage rentals and fun during the winter months. All-Season Cottage Rentals...

Water Fun…

Water Fun…

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Where is the Best Pizza

Where is the Best Pizza

Take a slice Image - Magnificent Hills's outdoor oven eventIs it fair to declare summer the season of pizza? It can be enjoyed year-round, of course, but some of the best pizzaiolos fire up their outdoor ovens only during summer. Plus, ingredients like uber-ripe...

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The drive alone is worth it

“…the most scenic highway in Ontario.”Wikipedia

  • 2.5 Hours Drive from Toronto
  • 3.5 Hours Drive from Ottawa
  • 4.5 Hours Drive from Buffalo
  • 8 Hours Drive from Quebec City